A gentle, yet effective and  functional way to approach your movement practice.

Honor where you are today. Leave expectation and shame behind. 200 class library to stream! You can bring the love with you:) You are fantastic.  

Your body is UNIQUE. When you learn what it means to be IN your body and feel good according to the rules YOU make, you'll be out in the world in a more authentic way. You'll know yourself better and you'll play a bigger role in the world you live in.

Gentle functional movement classes to stream or join live.

Exercise that helps you to rest.

Workouts that provide an overall feeling of strength, balance and awesomeness. We use exercise to reduce anxiety and confusion about our body.  


Get to know your own body.

Learn to feel, listen, and tune in with your body's unique needs so you worry less about injuring yourself.

Keep your body safe and strong.

We learn to trust ourselves. Shame and self hate don't help. We only get one body! let's live IN it instead of always wanting something else. 

"I have studied dance and movement my entire life. I started at 2... I am now 43. Point is, I am a picky person when it comes to movement classes because I've been exposed to so much.

Stacey's classes are at the very top of my list. She is so intelligent not just with the body, but with the energy of a class, with modifications for all bodies, with cueing, and with the flow of a class. Her humor has got to be mentioned as well because this girl has the best one liners (and more) I've ever had in a class! To laugh while going deep into your own body is a wonderful, rare opportunity that Stacey creates.

I would recommend her classes literally to EVERYONE! Even if you need to just observe and listen, you will learn, you will feel and you will laugh. And, for the more advanced movers, you will burn, you will feel connections you forgot were part of your body and you will still smile. You will feel whole after a class with Stacey.

Even though I've studied the body my entire life, I always felt like I learned new things in her classes. I felt joy in remembering the strength we all have no matter where we are in life. Stacey has many gifts and I feel lucky to be inspired by her".

Renee G. 

Asheville, NC


"Stacey is a constant sounding board, making herself available whenever I had questions or needed motivation. She provided ongoing inspiration and really tapped into the issues specific to my current lifestyle. I've struggled with my weight for the better part of my life, and Stacey was the first person I've encountered who cut through all the noise that I'd looked to as an answer in the past. She helped me find what worked for me, and provided tools I'll continue using into the future. I'd highly recommend Stacey to anyone who wants to feel better about their life. Amazing!"

Joe L.



"Stacey presented a program at the cancer support organization I work for. She came to speak to the survivors about juicing and ended up speaking about so much more. She was so knowledgeable, supportive, and inspiring for the women. Her presence is lively, upbeat, and engaging. She is a gifted coach and powerful educator. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

Savanah S.




I'm  Stacey and I like to make virtual fitness simple and fun!

My passion is to guide people towards a healthier more sustainable lifestyle. Every body is unique, with their own strengths and limitations. I aim to transform the way you see your body and to help you make more mindful decisions. Creating more sustainable loving habits. I don't want to fix you and I don't think you are broken. I think you are strong at this moment. My approach to most of life is: pay attention, add love, make stuff better.