December 29, 2020

6 weeks to know yourself better in 2021

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Stacey Jayne

Calmer. Happier. More productive.

creating good stuff in 2021


Goals for 2021.

This past year has been supremely hard for many of us. We’ve been forced to see the world in a new way. I am (mostly) grateful for this new outlook. We have a new set of needs. I feel this is true for me. I’ve experienced loss and struggle and confusion like I never have before. Truth is: I need a “journey within” to make sense of all this to help forge a foundation for what’s to come.

When it comes to shifting patterns/ aiming for better health /goal setting – how often does your brain get in the way? Cuz as I approach my mid 40s I see things a bit more clearly.  When it comes to personal growth I see MY approach to mindset as the elephant in the room at this point. Our brains make up stories-we know this right? We automatically judge things and form interpretations and eventually we construct whole belief systems which may or may not have any bearing on reality. The fact that our brains do this is NOT the problem. The problem is- do we know this is happening? How much should we questions our beliefs and assumptions about ourselves? Let’s bring our thoughts to the surface.


Tribute is the title of a 6-week course that I’m going to lead and participate in with you. Mindset is a major element of this course. I see mindset as recognizing how we think about what we’re doing as we strive toward actualizing our goals. I believe we need to be specific with our goals but flexible in our approach as we learn and GROW along the way. It’s a program that incorporates group coaching with consistent movement classes and weekly calls to action. You get to trust yourself in this program – trust  that you can turn off pressure from the outside, from the sources that suggest you must think or be a certain way, and instead learn to listen to the signals within your body that tell you what you really want.  Listen to our bodies without judgment –  without expectation.



(MY) Stuff needed to be done to achieve these goals:

Move my body intentionally, lovingly and regularly (I do this now but have improvements to make).

Slowly remove clutter that clogs up the potential for growth and lightness (That one is huge).

Get really clear with my family members/loved ones what my boundaries are. (This one can be bumpy).

Also: I need a fair amount of quiet space for myself. I have lacked that this past year. As a Mom of two whose kids are in virtual schooling- I’m rarely alone. I’m sure I’m not the first Mom out there who struggles with making an appropriate amount of space in her life to take care of herself. I have to really practice at this this coming year. I don’t expect it to be painless. Just because I haven’t nailed this down yet doesn’t mean I’m doomed forever. I have scheduled time blocks for myself in the past only to completely ignore my calendar alerts. I end up feeling bad about walking away from the needs of my home and kids. I can easily look at this like I’ve failed. I could say: looks like it’s always going to be this way.

But I know I can make lasting change. Create some lightness in my mind and heart and transform how I do life. Be kinder to myself and more present in my community in ways that feel right.

This my stuff. You and I may have some similarities, but you are different. It’s always so interesting to me that some folks can be nailing certain aspects of life only to “fail” in others. It just shows me that the way we approach some things vs others is deeply ingrained in the grooves of our minds, our hearts…or our finances or our careers… how we see it is how it is. How we think about it is how it is. If we learn to think about things in new ways- those habits have the opportunity to shift. This is not simple, but it sounds simple, doesn’t it?

What will your list look like? We will do a lot of listing you guys, so grab a pencil and a journal.

More to come SOON about this course. I’m excited!

I am a work in progress. We all are. Let’s do this.

Enough already.

I want you to think about what you’d like to achieve when it comes to your health in 2021. If you are seeking growth and support and love and want a program that delivers a long term results… this is what I’m working on, and I’d love to have you join me.


When YOU transform, the energy around you transforms too.


Stay tuned friends! xoxo


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About the Author

Stacey has a genuine curiosity for what it means to be a healthy human. She believes that we all have room to grow and that the best tool for growth is love. She's teaching loving exercise, she's trying to be less wasteful, and she's making all sorts of magic happen in Asheville, NC. What are Stacey's clients saying about her? "I felt joy in remembering the strength we all have no matter where we are in life. Stacey has many gifts and I feel lucky to be inspired by her".

Stacey Jayne

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