January 3, 2021

Fresh approach to 2021. Create your own summit.

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Stacey Jayne

Helllllllooooooo again!


It’s been a while since our paths have crossed and a LOT has happened. (Ya think?!)


I moved myself online right away when the pandemic closed our studios and gyms. I didn’t know what the heck I was doing and I felt so nervous to try this new way to connect with my people… but I love what I do and I didn’t want to miss out on what fuels me.


I’ve been calling my classes “transformative foundational strength”. We work the core, the breath, the mind and our balance in each class. The foundations from which we build on! Here’s some info about my classes. These classes are transformative for your body and mind and soul. Also sometimes they are funny and I sing a little cuz why not?!


Staying connected to my clients has 100% saved my sanity. Over the past ten months the things that matter the most to me have gotten more of my attention. I have my kiddos home for school & my parents nearby. It is my absolute priority to keep us healthy while lessening the potential effect that more illness could have on our community.


I make the choices I do because I am paying attention. I am not the same person I was in early 2020- I don’t think any of us are. My nervous system feels different. The way I care for myself is changing. If this were a book I would call this our “work in progress” chapter. This has all been supremely hard and my heart let’s me know daily that the way I function is evolving.


I’m ready to make some changes and this will start with a period of time where I do some inventory of how I’m living in hopes to create a stronger foundation for this new year- I think we have another backbreaker of a year ahead of us.


And I’m ready to release a course (I fluctuate calling this a course, a journey, a summit, a cleanse etc… this will be all of these things I hope) that I will participate in while I lead us all through it. I’m ready to give myself this gift. I’d love for you to join me. Create a better 2021 from the inside out. Here’s the details on how to participate.


Other then all this…. I’m growing out my grey hair (surprisingly positive journey this has been!), we got a puppy (who didn’t?), and we built a stage on the back of our house so we could bring theatre to our neighbors and friends in safe and socially distant way. Also I learned to make sour dough bread (yep another white girl makes bread) and secretly dream about building a cobb oven in my backyard and selling bread a couple days a week. I miss you guys and would love to see you online. It feel so good to connect with you again.


Sending you good juju for this new year. We have some work to do and I’m feeling ready for the climb.

When YOU transform, the energy around you transforms too.


Stay tuned friends! xoxo


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About the Author

Stacey has a genuine curiosity for what it means to be a healthy human. She believes that we all have room to grow and that the best tool for growth is love. She's teaching loving exercise, she's trying to be less wasteful, and she's making all sorts of magic happen in Asheville, NC. What are Stacey's clients saying about her? "I felt joy in remembering the strength we all have no matter where we are in life. Stacey has many gifts and I feel lucky to be inspired by her".

Stacey Jayne

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