About Stacey Jayne

You live in Asheville North Carolina now? When did this happen?!

Yes! As of July of 2016 we escaped the tristate area for more mountainy pastures. My family and I are massively excited to be a part of this wonderful community.

Why do you do this?  

This is the cliff notes of how I learned that diet and exercise have a direct correlation with the quality of your life: I spent my younger years letting my body define what I was(n’t) capable of doing. As an obese kid, I was often sick, foggy and very low in energy. I also suffered from chronic sinusitis and spent the majority of my young life on antibiotics. I suffered as a student, not being able to concentrate and falling behind in all of my classes. When I got to college I often thought my brain fog and low energy was just from the sinus issues so I’d try another antibiotic, but it never helped. I remember my favorite acting teacher going over my transcripts with me and I was so embarrassed to see such terrible grades on paper. Those grades didn’t reflect what I felt I was capable of. I left school and finally decided that I had had enough of feeling terrible physically and mentally. I did a LOT of experimenting with different diets and life styles, some pretty unhealthy. I started incorporating some exercise (mostly walking in the beginning) into my routine (which was also the first time I had moved my body regularly). Then (after realizing that the coffee coolatta, plain onion bagel and bud lite diet wasn’t sustainable) I noticed how dramatic the effects of fresh whole foods were on my energy levels and immune system. Slowly I cleared up my sinus issues (this totally changed my life!!) by temporarily removing dairy, sugar, and wheat products from my diet. Over time I realized how my mental climate effected my overall well being and slowly took control of toxic thinking and relationships. These were some of the things I did over the course of my twenties and early thirties. I don’t want you to have to wait that long to feel amazing. I give my clients support, structure,  strategy and inspiration so they can transform their lives like I have done. So they can fully live their lives.

How are you different from other coaches in your field? 

I’ve known exactly what it feels like to feel stuck and sick. I felt so bad for so long, and I didn’t feel like I was making choices in my life.  My courage grew with each tiny success I had, but sometimes my courage was very hard to find. Those were the times that I really looked inward, and what I found was the information I needed to push forward. I found that healthier living = lighter living. Lighter living = less fear in general. The rules are different for each of us. Getting support is crucial for long term success.  

Explain your education at the Integrative Institute for Nutrition. 

It was amazing. Becoming a health coach is the best decision I have made to transform my health and happiness. I LOVE IIN. I studied the ins and outs of every dietary theory and feel armed to use what I know to deliver the most recent information to my clients, friends and family. I met wonderful people and opened up my world to enormous possibility. I’m forever thankful for the education, constant support and continuing education they provide.

What about your Pilates training? 

My background is classical Pilates. I began my training in Connecticut in 2004 with a teacher who noticed very quickly how hard and fast I fell for Pilates. It changed my body and the relationship I have with my body so profoundly, I was smitten. My teacher trained in NYC at a studio which is now called True Pilates with Romana Kryzanowska, and suggested I do the same; so I decided to start my journey there. It was SO incredible to be surrounded by people (from all over the world) who are equally as dedicated to learning the concepts, principles, and celebrations of Romana’s classical method of the Pilates instruction. After that I started to work with (and teach under) Brooke Siler of re:AB in lower nyc, and continued my love affair. I learned that those who truly love it, pass it along in such an authentic and delicious way. Each devoted teacher has their own love affair with it that is specific to their lives and bodies, and their work and learning is never done. That is the joy of working with different experts in this field.  Then in the winter of 2013 I decided to take my training in a more specific direction and was certified to teach pre and postnatal mamas with Anne Martens of Bella Bellies. This was a wonderful and very valuable program taught by such a lovely woman! After I moved to Asheville I began working at the Club Pilates in Biltmore Park. I am now their lead teacher and love this community. I decided to take the teacher training program with Club Pilates to broaden my scope to understand what a more contemporary approach is like. I have found new ways to love Pilates and my time with the equipment. I teach what I feel is appropriate, I teach what I love, and I truly have fun doing it.

What do I need to ‘bring to the table’ as your client? 

All I ask of my clients is to be truly committed to themselves. When they are truly committed they share, they are open, they are honest… It’s so amazing to watch. I will catch you when you fall. I will show you how to catch yourself in the future! 

Who is your program NOT for? 

My program is not for people who have very serious health issues that are out of my scope of awareness, unless I get the OK from your Dr. It’s also not for those who aren’t ready to commit. It’s also not for those who aren’t open to idea that healthy living and eating can be enjoyable, affordable and easy. 


“Thanks again for EVERYthing! You have made me see the world differently. You have given me back the power that I alone make each and every choice on what fuels my body. You’ve helped me care again. And for that, I am eternally grateful.” Joe L.