Tribute: A six week course where we pay tribute to ourselves! 

Tribute (Webster's Dictionary definition) 

Something given as due or deserved especially: a gift or service showing respect, gratitude, or affection. 

Something that indicates the worth, virtue, or effectiveness of the one in question. 

(I believe we need to be specific with our goals but flexible in our approach as we pay tribute to ourselves: and GROW along the way.) 

We begin our journey on February 14th! 


You missed out!

Your program will include:

  • Consistent Movement Classes: 3 live virtual classes that can also be streamed (all level classes with modifications for various levels) using simple props you already have at home. Extra movement will be encouraged and suggestions will be provided.
  • Group Coaching: encouraging and informative emails and videos.
  • Mindset Audio Recordings: to make you more aware of what is happening and how you think about life. This new awareness will start to change everything.
  • Weekly Calls to Action: to keep you focused and motivated.

You get to trust yourself in this program - trust that you can turn off pressure from the outside, from the sources that suggest you must think or be a certain way, and instead learn to listen to the signals within your body that tell you what you really want. Listen to your body without judgment - without expectation. 

Each week will have a theme. (Prep week is the week before, week one is purely a mindset week, learning about the steps behind a new habit: inspiration, intention, action and repetition. Week two is food. Week three is movement & sleep. Week four: environment. Week five: relationships. Week six: Your choice. Week after: revisit steps behind creating new habits and looking ahead to plan for future needs)

I want to make expectations scalable based on what each person's life is like. This program is about growth and kindness & creating a mindset that promotes these two things. We'll do inventory on our habits to see what current habits support our needs and goals. 

I personally feel that everything in my dang life has changed. And while change is normal and predictable - the amount of change and stress that has occurred for me is much more than ever before. I don't think we are near "healing" from this as the waves are still crashing daily. But this experience will be helpful (for me) to try and meet my current needs. I hope the same for all who participate. 

Transformative Foundational Strength

This "journey within" will help to make sense of what you have just been through this year, and will help to forge a foundation for what's to come.

Course begins February 14th. 

Investment: $199

Early bird price of $159

Sign up by Feb 7th and receive coaching support for the week before the course starts AND the week after the program ends.

That's 8 full weeks of coaching and 6 weeks of classes, coaching and mindset work! The week you prepare for your journey and the week after are just as important as the actual journey. I really want to cleanse what I've been carrying around with me this year. I want to clean up my diet and declutter my home and free my nagging thoughts. I am just as excited for this program as YOU are!!

Hi! I'm  Stacey and I like to Make Fitness Fun!

My passion is to guide people towards a healthier more sustainable lifestyle. Everybody is unique, with their own strengths and limitations. I aim to transform your body and your mind and influence you to make more mindful decisions when it comes to your health. Creating more sustainable habits for moving and living. I don't want to fix you and I don't think you are broken. I think you are strong at this moment. My approach to most of life is: pay attention, add love, make stuff better.